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Box Set: Songkran Devi : Sompop Budtarad


Box Set: Songkran Devi : Sompop Budtarad

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Print on Paper

Sompop Budtarad is an artist who has the unique style of painting. He paints the most gorgeous angels. At the beginning of his career, he painted along the line of Buddhist philosophy, however it didn’t get him well-known so he changed his style of painting to beautiful Devi. This change gets him noticed and he got 2 awards in 1983.


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This Box set contains the most beautiful Devi ( 7 angels). It is limited Box set because we only produce 29 editions, with high quality ink-jet printing. In addition each print contains an artist’s autograph and number of Edition.
-Paper quality
* Canson Paper
* Size 20.8×42 cm.
* 315 gram
* Acid Free

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 38 x 57 x 3 cm

Somphong Adulyasaraphan, Pimphan Hansrisakul

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5 Set

Bilingual Edition

English and Thai

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7 pages