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Montha Devi – Print on Canvas : Sompop Budtarad


Montha Devi – Print on Canvas : Sompop Budtarad

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One of Songkran Devi (Angel) is called “Montha Devi” , who is the daughter of Kabinla Prom. Legend said that Kabinla Prom lost his gamble and promised to cut of his head as a prize. However his head cannot be placed anywhere because if his head were placed in mid-air, there would be no rain. If placed on land, there would get on fire or if dumped in the ocean, we would be water on Earth so he asked his 7 daughter to carry this head around Mount Phra Sumain (Each Devi represents day of the week). Year 2015, the one on duty is called “Raksot Devi”

Montha Devi is the Songkran Devi for Wednesday who wears Champa flower behind her ear. In addition she holds a stylus and a staff. She drinks milk and eats butter. A donkey is her vehicle.

Sompop Butarad together with MOCA Bangkok have made 29 Limited editions of Raksot Devi Print on Canvas. It was printed to the highest standards on Epson quality archival, finest acid-free, lignin-free, size 45 x 90 cm. Each print was hand signed and numbered by the artist Sompop Budtarad

Remark “Edition No. 1-9 และ No. 11, No. 22 และ No. 29 Price is 19,000 Baht
(Not include packaging and postal fee of 500 Baht”)

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Sompop Budtarad

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