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The exhibition “Energy Diary 02”

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The exhibition “Energy Diary 02”

9th October, 2019 - 24th November, 2019
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The exhibition “Energy Diary 02” by Note Panayanggool


“My Energy Diary series is designed towards uncovering the light of an individual’s pure energy sources by providing a vessel to unchain that energy without being coerced through the mediums of visual and sound. I wish to provide a spiritual release to those struggling with society’s expectations to surrender to their inner peace and open the doors to transformative enlightenment in seeking balance in life, especially in this era of constant technology and communication,” said Note Panayanggool.

In a society in which many struggles to divulge beneath the surface, the main hurdle I need to overcome is how to go about challenging the audience to look with not only their visual eyes but also their intuitive third eye. Without this encompassing vision, people risk spiraling into the same unforgiving cycle that I also went through losing their identity and bottling their divine energy. In my perspective, society is the source of everyone’s grief and I am determined to divert the audience’s attention back to focusing on oneself by creating artwork that is felt from the heart and not only seen with the eyes.



About artist

Note Panayanggool also known as Notep (No-Tep) is a musician and artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. She focuses on creating art and music that enriches the viewer’s spirituality.

What began as an outlet for her creative energy has since transformed into Note’s Life’s work. Since starting in 2005, her dedication to her craft has led to multiple accolades and has sparked her true passion for using her art to inspire and heal. Note’s most recent artwork is a hybrid of her interests in energy and spirituality aimed to clear blockages in her audience and invoke healing. Note is currently working on her second Solo Exhibition: Energy Diary 02. Its main focus is on breathing and meditation.



For more information, please contact
Supanit Loharjun (Pun)
Tel: 02-119-7278, 081-921-4499


Start: 9th October, 2019
End: 24th November, 2019
Event CategoryExhibition


Venue Name: Temporary Exhibition Hall MOCA BANGKOK