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Performance of Nature

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Performance of Nature

1st November, 2020 - 25th November, 2020
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A solo exhibition by SANGIAM YARANGSEE


Tis… the charm of colors and brush strokes
’Tis… the alluring lights of Siamese arts & culture ’Tis… the love interwoven with lasting hours
’Tis… the beauty that appears in the blink of an eye ’Tis… an artisan with enchanting crafts
’Tis… a painter conjuring floral realm
’Tis… “Performance of Nature” prancing about
’Tis… “Sangiam Yarangsee”, one of a kind

Phramedhivajirodom / V.vajiramedhi 25 September 2020


Bangkok, Sunday, November 1st, 2020 – MOCA BANGKOK holds an opening ceremony of its latest – Performance of Nature by Sangiam Yarangsee. This important collection of paintings can be considered a transformation from over 30 years of experience in creating impressionist art pieces. His works embrace a flowing and harmonious rhythm of natural beauty in many important places over the years. The exhibition “Performance of Nature” will be on view from November 1-25, 2020.

Nature fulfills human creativity, delivers experiences, nurtures life, and cultivates attitudes and mindsets, resulting in a long history of life skills, lifestyles, and cultures. The balance of nature creates diversity with unique characteristics, bringing about distinctive lifeways in each locality. Even under the same environment in the same locality, nature still creates diversity in the human mind. It has been made through abilities and special characteristics, which are factors for all living things to depend on each other. The balance of life is the same as the balance of nature. It happens by putting the right man on the right job. The sky does its duty by changing each time of the day due to environmental factors and its components. The mountain is great, powerful, yet gentle by the human heart, with the rhythm and movements of the floras dancing and blooming all over. Likewise, the sea surface sometimes looks calm, sometimes aggressive, sometimes as glittering as living gems. All of them are Performance of Nature, which exerts the power of aesthetics to revive the human mind without discrimination based on class, race, or religion.

The art exhibition “Performance of Nature” is a collection of paintings created by Mr. Sangiam Yarangsee, an artist who realizes that life has the same attributes as nature. There are moments of growth, rooting, and sprawling leaves according to age. When the season is right, the tree will shed its leaves, bloom, pollenate, create seeds, and restore balance to the world. This important collection of paintings can be considered a transformation from over 30 years of experience in creating impressionist art pieces. The state of one’s spontaneity occurs by detaching oneself from fixed practices of any principle and applying one’s skills and abilities accumulated over time as a tool to show appreciation for nature before one’s eyes through pictures, mainly according to one’s inner thoughts. Therefore, each picture’s colors are filled with happiness, suffering, sorrow, loneliness, joy, excitement, curiosity, etc. It is the freedom from the work philosophy of Impressionism by unleashing creativity automatically and decreasing, increasing, and inventing new color schemes beyond the truth to arouse feelings. Some pictures are large to show off a colorful field of energy directly to the audience.

This important set of works was started in 2017 when the artist was relaxed from his routine. Therefore, the works embrace a flowing and harmonious rhythm of beauty and express his personal feelings with the full potential. The audience can see the details of each color texture, which reflects value efficiently. They can also perceive the freedom and cheerfulness through the traces of brush strokes and the harmonic rhythm of the beauty of flowers, branches and canopies, and grassland. They have depth and distance and capture the emotional experiences that the artist has for natural beauty in many important places over the years, such as the colors of beautiful flowers amidst the warmest culture on Bhutan’s Himalayas. Other examples are the splendor of nature in Fukushima and Kyoto prefectures in Japan, the charm of seasons in his hometown in Chiang Rai, Phu Chi Fa, Doi Pha Hi, Doi Pha Mi, as well as the wonders of mountains, islands, rocks at the sea in Trang, Satun, and Krabi provinces.


Start: 1st November, 2020
End: 25th November, 2020
Event CategoryExhibition


Venue Name: Temporary Exhibition Hall MOCA BANGKOK