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The exhibition “Raining” by Nino Sarabutra

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The exhibition “Raining” by Nino Sarabutra

MOCA BANGKOK 499 Kampanggpetch 6 Rd., Ladyao
9th January, 2020 - 31st December, 2020
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The exhibition “Raining” by Nino Sarabutra

‘The greatest love of all is the love for other people, love that helps seeks to improve people’s lives physically and mentally, to better their living conditions in a sustainable way. It is a love that finds joy in the land being fertile, nourishing, green, and lush, that grows as fish fill the rivers, rice fills the fields, and full forests cover the mountains. It is this kind of love that I’ve learned from him.’

Like most Thais, I feel loved. I’m grateful for what His Majesty King Rama IX has done for our country. I also know people in Thailand love him no less now he’s gone; indeed, their affection only grows stronger with his passing.

That love manifests itself in everything we do, from grand gestures to simple tasks, from planting a tree to nurturing a whole new forest. This is how we love him.

In “Raining” a room is filled with thousands of porcelain hearts illuminated in the dark. It describes Thai farmers’ reaction to the ‘Royal Rain’ when His Majesty’s initiative to reduce drought and develop natural water systems in rural areas led to rain. We all saw his love for the Thai people falling from the sky. It is this love that nurtures and revitalizes our soul, even today.

“Raining” room was created and exhibited in 2017 during the mourning period after the passing of King Rama IX. The artist wished to express the power of love — for King Rama IX and the country. ‘I want to show this unity so that we can grow and become inspired to greatness for one another and our country.’

Royal Rain – while traveling through the rural northeast of Thailand in 1955, King Rama IX saw the situation of the people and the impact of drought, so started to seek solutions to improve their welfare. He worked with a wide range of experts for many years, resulting in a test of ‘Royal Rain’ in 1969. Today 5 Royal Rainmaking Operation Centers are covering 77 provinces. (For more info:

About artist

‘I like my art to provoke the thoughts in people’s heads. I want people who visit my show to walk away with a question in their minds. Are youhappy? What will make you happier? What are you drinking? What are you gifting? What will you leave behind? Also I want to ask myself these questions.’

After graduating in ceramic art from Silpakorn University in Bangkok, Nino Sarabutra spent nearly 20 years working as advertising creative in various agencies before becoming a full-time artist in 2008. In the past 11 years, Nino has held regular solo and group exhibitions, in Bangkok, New York, Manila, Singapore, Berlin, and Venice.

Nino’s work still focuses on communication. Her work stimulates self-reflection, so audiences consider their position in life, how it feels to be human, what factors drive their emotions, what motivates them. In 2009 Nino presented her first solo exhibition – Exploring Love, walls of ceramic hearts framing images of all that we can love. Since then she has explored death, sensuality, spiritual, food and human greed. Her exhibitions, and Nino herself, are defined by the genuine joy of living.

Nino’s most recognizable work ‘WHAT WILL YOU LEAVE BEHIND?’ first created in 2012 with 125,000 porcelain skulls filling a gallery to remind us of the precious nature of life and since then it has been developed through shows in Bangkok, Singapore, New York, Venice and Bangkok Art Biennale2018 and latest Paris.


Start: 9th January, 2020
End: 31st December, 2020
Event CategoryExhibition


Venue Name: Temporary Exhibition 3
Address: MOCA BANGKOK 499 Kampanggpetch 6 Rd., Ladyao
Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

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Phone: 02-016-5666