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The visitors may experience today began in 1979 with the purchase of Lady, a modestly priced oil on canvas that combines classical influences depicting the naked female form of a Venus-like vision in sensual pose, enswathed in unmistakably Asian-influenced adornment and interpretation. The Thai artist could not subdue his Thainess and the Italian classical  iconographic portrayal had transformed into a new school of representation of a classically  established art form.

In Thai artists’ hands even classically inspired works transcend the expected, lifting their art to a spiritual level that reveals how Thai culture and Thai art are inseparable even when under pressure from established outside influences. The artist Anand Panin of this particular piece of art, although respected as being a good artist and able to live from the sale of his works, could not today have his art compared to that of Sandro Botticelli’s or William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s The Birth of Venus.  However, in years to come Anand Panin may well be heralded as a definitive statement in the development of contemporary Thai art on the international platform.