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G Floor

The Ground floor is comprised of four exhibition halls. There are two halls for temporary exhibitions and two halls for exhibiting the artworks of two National Artists and an Artist of Distinction in Sculpture. The exhibition displays signature pieces of Professor Chalood Nimsamer’s, a National artist in sculpture, as well as paintings that reflect significant aspects of Thai contemporary art. Also on display are works from Paitun Muangsomboon, who has likewise been awarded the status of National Artist in Sculpture. His works led to an important transformation of sculpture formation from ideality to international reality. Also on display are works from Khien Yimsiri, an Artist of Distinction, and a pioneer of Thai contemporary sculpture. Yimsiri’s works are progressive, unique, and harmoniously integrate both Thainess and universality. His concept was inspired by the style of Buddha images from the Sukhothai Period, as well as Thai tradition and culture in general.