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Box Set : Anand Panin

Box Set : Anand Panin


Anand Panin is a senior artist who has created lots of works, mostly about nature and impression. He has been inspired by the love of travelling, His past memories and Philosophy of life to create his art work. He portrayed his inspiration via painting beautiful ladies (as a symbolism of nature). That is why most people can relate to his painting. He also recieved a National Art Award in Painting category.

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He does not name his painting because he wants the painting to communicate to the poeple

This box set is the imitation of the real painting. Even though it is the imitation one but the colors are the same. In addition, this canvas also has Artist’s autograph too. It contains 6 prints on paper (6 beautiful Ladies)

The price does not include packaging and delivering fee of 500 BHT-IN Thailand only.

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 38 x 57 x 3 cm

Pimphan Hansrisakul, Andrew J. West

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10 Set

Bilingual Edition

English and Thai

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6 pages