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Father & Son and Mother & Son Limited Edition (AP 1/2)


Artist : Nonthivathn Chandhaphalin’s
Materials: Cold cast bronze (Patina Color Technique) (AP 1/2)
Size: 11.5 x 14  x 31.5 cm.
Weight : 7.5 kg. (Mother & Son) / 10 kg. (Father & Son)

Shipping Condition : All products shipped by Thailand Post service except Limited Edition products shipped by courier service.


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  • Father & Son AP 1/2
  • Mother & Son AP 1/2


Limited edition of 71 which is incorporate among MOCA Bangkok and Nonthivathn Chandhaphalin to create this limited edition.  It was personally supervised and approved by the artist heir.  Each statue was numbered by the artist heir, Mr. Than Srihabut. 

Nonthivathn Chandhaphalin create these art pieces in difference occasions but in the same concept of love from father and mother, parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving. 

Additional Information

Nonthivathn Chandhaphalin

Honored as a national artist Visual Arts (Sculpture) In the year 2006, his artworks  in the year of 1970-1976 created an abstract shape. In order to show the relationship of lines and volumes, later in the year 1977-1992, using the shape of a nude woman, showing  a realistic beauty posture. Then developed into a semi-abstract image to express feelings of desire in the human heart  later, he became interested in the story from Buddhism and brought it as a creative story.