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Meow-Meow T-Shirt screening


Artist : Kattliya Phantodee
Size : S, M, L
Weight : 0.178 Kg.
Color : White

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would be delivered within 2-3 months.

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Stepping into the world of art as a museum docent was like a magnet that pulled her into the art kingdom inevitably because having associated with art artists in person encouraged her to draw secretly in her notebook. The legendary Ajarn Prayat Pongdam once gave her a set of woodcut tools and told her that: “Most people just think, but they don’t do…You have to start doing it.” Keeping Ajarn’s Prayat’s words in mind, She started caving a picture of her face. However, it turned out not as beautiful as it was supposed to be. She then changed the subject to owls, her favorite bird of prey in her doll collection. Kattliya’s woodcuts are uncomplicated as she simply enjoys doing what she loves.

The first one is a cat, also a brand-new member of her family, named Meow-Meow, a mixed Scottish Fold and Persian gifted by her friend. They have bonded quickly as the cat has become a part of her daily life. As a result, her nature of this self-taught wonder girl’s art is different from other professional artists graduating from art institutes. Her art is incent, with cats, owls, fish and other subjects that may not have significant symbolic meanings; only the lively movements and loveliness. Nevertheless, the details of these characters reveal determination, perseverance, devotion for her pet, and love for the art of carving that has become her life.

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KATTLIYA PHANTODEE was born on November 22, 1986. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the Faculty of Arts, Silpakorn University. Kattliya have learnt and practiced woodcut on her own because of her love for the charming technique. Her hard work finally paid off as she debuted her first solo exhibition “Follow(I) Me” Which was held at ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art in 2014. The show was well-received and her simple, yet sincere lines brought comfort to viewers’ hearts. Kattliya has actively participated in art exhibitions and contests in Thailand and abroad. “Life” is her latest solo exhibition.