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Nang Kwak 2018 From “Faith Beyond Earth Exhibition”


Sculpture of 10 editions
Artist : Parichart Suphaphan
Technice : Bronze
Size: 53 x 40  x 28 cm.
Weight : 13 kg.

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An artist—who has an obvious style of work creation—presents stories by having herself as a model. Vivid colors are her signature in the works. Her unique signature is combined with beliefs in Thai society. In the modern society, everything moves fast. Forms of worshipped figures are adapted to time. When a belief of praying for blessings is thought, one of the blessings people most pray for is trading.

When a woman and trading are united, the main belief is a divine being beckoning good fortune or Nang Kwak. Her story has been long told that Nang Kwak originated with the story of a maiden named Supawadee. As a merchant’s daughter, she had gentle and impeccable manners. Whenever she accompanied her father for trading, they were always welcome and successful in trading. At that time, the image of Nang Kwak was a woman sitting on the floor with the legs tucked back to one side as a female deity, well-dressed, with one hand beckoning good fortune. However, nowadays, being well-and-sweet-mannered is not a selling point any longer. Her image’s adaptation to time in order to attract people accords with the artist’s style which emphasizes a woman’s beauty according to the idealistic view of people nowadays. Therefore, it is the inspiration for her sculpture called “Nang Kwak 2018”—a plump woman staring intently to gain attention in a sensuous way, and sitting on horseback. Her horse is ready to jump forward for the successes that lie ahead. The horse’s strength, endurance, and speed well convey the competitive trading in the present.