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Notebook Work Case : Belief and Faith – Tawee Ratchaneekorn


Size : 37 x 27 cm.
Weight : 0.5 kg.

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would be delivered within 2-3 months.


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Products produce from the natural latex, environmentally-friendly, easy to use, easy to clean and colorful.

The concept of this artwork, Belief and Faith in whatever human beings worship make them pay homage to all creations on earth. If human beings have belief and faith in whatever it is, they generally worship it.     

Additional Information

Tawee Ratchaneekorn

Awarded National Artist status in 2005, 85-year-old veteran artist Tawee Ratchaneekorn has been one of Thailand’s most idiosyncratic creators for over 50 years. A versatile artist known best for his painting, but who has also worked in drawing, print, mixed media, and sculpture, Tawee is recognised for his raw, expressive, socially critical interpretations of the modernising face of Thai society.