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Pillow Case Cushion Cover – Preecha Pun-klum


Size : 46 x 47 cm.
Weight : 0.065 Kg.

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Soft solid smooth silk textie, 100% high quality velvet, direct print from master piece of Abstract Phenomenon Happiness. Preecha, an artist reflect the light of joy and happiness, spreading out the colorful of his happiness deep down the artist’s mind.

Additional Information

Preecha Pun-klum

Born in 1967 in Phitsanulok, a city located in the central plains of Thailand, Preecha Pun-klum is one of Asia’s most respected and admired artists.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Chiang Mai University in 1988, and a first teaching experience in Chiang Mai, Preecha came to Bangkok to complete his education with a Master of Fine Arts from the prestigious Silapakorn University. A discerning art scholar, Preecha now teaches and manages the Master of Fine art program (specialization in Graphic Arts) at this University.

In hislast series of paintings , Preecha endeavors to capture the ephemeral beauty of various phenomena, and to represent with subtle plays of colors and dimensions the emotions they trigger. “Fireworks are the perfect illustration of what a man’s life should be, short but filled with the willingness to create pleasure and happiness,” says Preecha. Preecha has developed a flamboyant style which is unique: composed and precise brushstrokes create vibrant contrasts of pure color, lines and tones.

“Rain in a sunny sky is another remarkable phenomenon. Raindrops glitters through the sky and bring me a sense of peaceful but powerful energy. I understand that not everyone will feel the same emotion watching the same phenomenon, and when painting, I am not trying to represent the phenomenon itself, but rather my feelings, to share my experience with others.”

Over the past years, Asian artist Preecha Pun-Klum has won numerous awards and his work is held in most of the major national collections in Thailand.