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Print on Canvas Mahothorn Devi (AP 2/2)


Artist : Sompop Budtarad
Size : 90 x 45 ซม. cm.
Weight : 1.2 kg.

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One of Songkran Devi (Angel) is called “Mahothorn Devi” , who is the daughter of Kabinla Prom. Legend said that Kabinla Prom lost his gamble and promised to cut of his head as a prize. However his head cannot be placed anywhere because if his head were placed in mid-air, there would be no rain. If placed on land, there would get on fire or if dumped in the ocean, we would be water on Earth so he asked his 7 daughter to carry this head around Mount Phra Sumain (Each Devi represents day of the week). Year 2015, the one on duty is called “Mahothorn Devi”

Mahothorn Devi is the Songkran Devi for Saturday who wears grossy black dress and wears Samhow flower behind her ear.  She eat small dear.  Peacock is her vehicle.

Sompop Butarad together with MOCA Bangkok have made 29 Limited editions of Kirinee Devi Print on Canvas. It was printed to the highest standards on Epson quality archival, finest acid-free, lignin-free, size 45 x 90 cm. Each print was hand signed and numbered by the artist Sompop Budtarad.

Additional Information

Sompop Budtarad

Born – 26 August 1957
1980 – B.F.A., The Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, Thailand
1986–1992 – Worked in England on the Mural Painting Project of Buddhapadipa Thai Temple, London, England.
2009 – Guest Lecturer (Painting), Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts,
Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Solo Exhibitions
1995 – “Grace and the Rising of the Mind”, Visual Dhamma Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
– “6th Month” Visual Dhamma Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
1996 – “6th Month”, National Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
1998 – “Nueng Tean Nueng Tao (1 ตีนหนึ่งเท้า)”, Sunday Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
1999 – “Anijang (อนิจจัง)”, National Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2000 – “Ladder to Heaven”, Art and Culture University Museum, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand
2001 – “Ladder to Heaven”, Aterlier Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
– “Faith”, Open Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand
2005 – “The Righteous Lead–While We Breath”, The Marsi Gallery, The Suan Pakkard Palace Museum, Bangkok, Thailand
2007 – “Color of the Angel”, 44 Arts Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2008 – “City of Angel”, ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art, Bangkok, Thailand
2009 – “Khean Din Sin E-sarn (เขียนดิน สินอีสาน)”, Art and Culture University Museum, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand
2011 – “Nang Songkran” ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art, Bangkok, Thailand
2013 – “Nang Songkran 2013” ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art, Bangkok, Thailand