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Scarf screening Winding the Skein

Scarf screening Winding the Skein


Artist : John William Godward
Size : 100 x 85 cm.
Weight : 0.082 kg.

During Covid-19 crisis the shipment
would be delivered within 2-3 months.


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This Scarf is a Limited Edition which you can purchase for your Love ones. There are ONLY 100 Scarves. The scarf screen the picture of “Winding the Skien” By John William Godward. It made from Satin with high quality screening process.

John William Godward

He was an artist who painted everyday life. His works were categorized as Alma-Tadema, however some people categorized his work as Greco-West Kensington, which means that artist love the ancient Greek period and they believe that ancient Greek is the most beautiful period of all time