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Sketch Book Rainbow-Coloured Fantasy

Sketch Book Rainbow-Coloured Fantasy


Size : 21.5 x 20.3 cm.
Weight : 0.56 kg. / 128 pages

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The Cover page of this sketch book is the drawing of Somphong Adulyasaraphan “The Rainbow-Colored Fantasy”, which might inspire you to create amazing arts in the future. The total page of this sketch book is 128 pages.      

Additional Information

Somphong Adulyasaraphan

Somphong is concerned to provide a painterly account of the Buddhist doctrine of anicca in which all created being must pass through the cycle of birth, growth, decay and death. Somphong Adulyasaraphan’s art splendidly conveys the truths of life and uses humorous and beautiful images to attract art lovers and artists to become one in heart and mind.