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Thai Banknote of King Rama IX (Volume II)


Size : 31.3 x 24.6 cm.
Weight : 2.29 kg. / 416 pages
Bilingual Edition :  Thai 

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Thai banknote book in the reign of King Rama IX was the most complete book. Both the banknotes and the commemorative bank note on all types, all prices, all series and all signatures of the Governor of the Bank of Thailand and all Minister of Finance. All photos were private collections of the founder of MOCA Bangkok. 

Thai banknote we use today, has a history of development over a hundred years. The first paper on the land of Siam, we called “Mai” first appeared in 1853,  which corresponds to the reign of King Mongkut. After that, it was released “Att Kradat” during the reign of King Rama V, then “Bat Thanakarn” and continued development until the final “banknote” that we all know best. The banknote is not just a printed paper for the price. But their were relevanted to Thai history, cultural, political and developing of art design. The value of banknote is not just the value on the banknote. But there were a memoirs of Siamese.