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The Complete Set of Thai banknote books


Publisher : MOCA Bangkok
Size : 31.3 x 24.6  cm.
Promotion : List price 2,400 Bht. Special price 1998 Bht.,

free acrylic clear- crystal book case.
Bilingual Edition :  Thai

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The complete set of Thaibanknote books (Series I and II) the precious collectible books which include the history of hundreds  years of Thai banknotes sine the first paper money on the land of Siam, called “mai”, first appeared in the year 2396(BE) in the reign of King Rama VI.  After the interpretation, the use of “paper (banknote)” in the reign of King Chulalongkorn.   Paper money that occurred since the reign of King Rama V until present there are 17 banknotes printed. The complete set of Thai banknote books  value of the memoir of Siam’s past and the exquisite art that is placed on banknotes. The most collectible banknote books which all Series, all denominations, all types  and all signatures, the only complete books of Thaibanknote of the world.