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The Drawings: Thawan Duchanee (Hard Cover)

The Drawings: Thawan Duchanee (Hard Cover)


By Thawan Duchanee
Writer : Thawan Duchanee
Size : 34.5 x 26  cm.
Weight : 2.7 kg. / 196 pages
Bilingual Edition : English and Thai

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The Drawing : Thawan Duchanee (Hard Cover)

The Complete book of Thawan Duchanee drawing. It contains drawings those have never been seen by anyone. The book contains 196 pages, size 24.5 x 33.0 cm. For more than 5 decades, Master Thawan Duchanee had engrossed himself in continuously creating art and priceless paintings— both drawings and oil paintings— with his exceptional artistry and boundless imagination which led to uniqueness of his works of art. Anyone sees his works, he/she will immediately realize that these works belong to Master Thawan Dachanee because their style and context reflect the evolution, the cogitative process, and the human path of life in the globalization which its complexity has multiplied day by day realistically, profoundly, and gracefully. Sometimes, the reflection becomes vehemently according to the power conveyed in brush strokes.

Thawan Duchanee was born on 27 September 1939 in the province of Chiang Rai, Thailand. He graduate with a B.A. (Hons) from the faculty of Painting and Sculture, Silpakorn University (Famous Art University in Thailand). In 2001, Thawan was awarded the Art and Culture Prize by Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize Comittee. He Spent more than 35 years building a musuem in his hometown. The museum houses a large variety of folk arts, past and present. Its Educational Value is enormous, providing a place for learning for younger generations.

Additional Information

Thawan Duchanee

Thawan Duchanee is a true Master of Contemporary Asian Art. He was presented with the ‘Artist of the Year Gold Medal’ award by the Siam Architects’ Association and named as a Thai National Artist in 2001. His larger-than-life flamboyant personal is expressed in his bold, unique style. Some of his most notable pieces reflect this in the way that he plies his canvases with strong solid tones of red and black in traditional Buddhist contexts combined with dramatic additional interpretations that often shock because of their either evil or, as considered by some in certain instances, blasphemous undertones.

Born in Chiang Rai in September 1939, his artistic education started in the Poh Chang Arts and Crafts College. He went on to study under the late Italian-born sculptor and painter Corrado Feroci who worked mainly in Thailand. Becoming a Thai national in 1944, Corrado Feroci changed his name to Silpa Bhirasri and is considered as the father of modern art in Thailand, especially for his instrumental role in the founding of Silpakorn University, which is the leading Thai university of fine arts. Thawan Duchanee left Thailand to continue his studies at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam so that he could gain a firsthand and deeper understanding of the western art world, its traditions and techniques. On his homecoming, quickly he gained recognition and prominence for his work, not only in Thailand but also internationally. This gave him the opportunity to exhibit his work around the world and earned him commissions to create murals at overseas Thai embassies and public commercial spaces. At home his commissions included the Bank of Thailand, Shell Building, Bangkok Bank, Doi Tung Palace and Siam Commercial Bank. In 1998 he was chosen to design a golden banner to mark the sixth-cycle birthday anniversary of His Majesty The King of Thailand. With so many accreditations for his work it is little wonder that he is a popular worthy representative for Thai and Asian art around the world and a deservedly important inclusion in the collection of MOCA Bangkok.