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Where Are We Going : Anand Panin


Master piece art work
from “ WHERE DO WE COME FROM? ” exhibition
Technice : Oil on Canvas
Size: 120 x 150 cm.
Price : 250,000  Baht  

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A boy picked flowers of minnieroot from a forest at the foot of the hill.  When got to a bamboo bridge across a stream, he left the flowers there. Their seeds flourished when the rain came down.

With love of sunlight, with appreciation of wind, with moisture from a stream,  minnieroot had a new life, a beautiful new world, from one life, it became many lives.

Today, the rain just stopped. Blue blooms of minnieroot all over the field, from the stream to the village. An old man walked by the streamside, saw one boy picking flowers of minnieroot from the foot of the hill, and left them at the bamboo bridge. (Anand Panin)