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Chatchawan Rodklongtan


The painting of a woman in the Buddhist history— full of beauty and tenderness— combined with Thai architecture which promulgates the Buddhist stories is the signature of Mr. Chatchawan Rodklongtan. The artist’s work called “Mother Earth” or Phra Mae Thoranee receives inspiration from the effort to overcome the one’s own internal defilement. In the middle of the painting, there is Mother Earth whom the artist emphasizes her prominence by the light which is considered one of the artist’s uniqueness in his works. A frame of a window or a door is used in order to allow the light to highlight the painting’s main part to be more prominent than other parts like sculptors in the past did when the light was planned to come through the frames and emphasized the face of the Buddha image situated inside the temple’s ordination hall. Mother Earth in this work is then a symbol of endeavor, the accumulation of goodness, and self-dependence. It is a way that every man has to hold to in order to achieve his own main goals.


Artwork by: Chatchawan Rodklongtan