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Home-sawan Umansap


The artist’s work called “The Sea of the Moon” originated from the creation of a hundred clothes of Vessantara (the name of the Buddha in his tenth existence) which are paintings combined with screen blocks for the size of 1.40 meter x 6,000 meters. These clothes were distributed to communities nationwide in order to be used in processions in celebration of the Vessantara religious ceremony or the religious ceremony of delivering a sermon on the story of the last great incarnation of the Buddha in the fourth month according to the tradition of Isan (the northeastern region of Thailand). Although patterns appeared on these screen blocks are not clear as on the clothes contributed to the communities, traces of countless use appeared on the screen blocks can express the artist’s faith in the height of generosity from Vessantara Jataka which he created a hundred clothes of Vessantara. When we see the moon’s shadow reflecting on the water’s surface, we may see the moon’s beauty differently from turning face upwards to the sky.


Artwork by: Home-sawan Umansap