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Jakgree Kongkaew


The work called “Om” is his first woodcut of the respected figure which was modeled on a three-dimensional sculpture. When talking about a worshipped figure and a belief, he thought of Lord Ganesha first because when he studied at the College of Fine Arts, the worshipped father (Lord Ganesha) was the College’s symbol. The figure of Lord Ganesha in low relief on the gable which was ancient Indian art and its background led the artist to make a decision to have this figure of Lord Ganesha as his model. The woodcut modeled on this stone sculpture in low relief was his new learning— lights and shadows, the stone’s weight, frequencies and spaces of gouges carved on the wood— which determined lights and shadows. The making of woodcuts was a detailed process and differs from the making of other forms of art.


Artwork by: Jakkee Kongkaew