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Palut Marod


The work called “The Heavenly Voices Heard in the Distance”, the artist presents a story of the birth of divine beings— starting from practicing perseverance as human beings who practice the Dharma until they attain mindfulness and discernment to the life after death which they have spontaneous birth or Opapatika, followed by being reborn as divine beings according to their accumulated good deeds. The artist chooses a woman’s body as a symbol. A woman symbolizes the virtue, the purity, and the wickedness. Apart from the woman as a main symbol in his work, the artist employs the complementary colors like white and black in order to emphasize the virtue and the wickedness more clearly. The white smooth and lustrous surface is created meticulously with the artist’s unique style, while the black surface is created with a new technique— the thickness of the paint and the use of brushes to make the uneven texture, and the form of continuous movements.


Artwork by: Palut Marod