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Panya Vijinthanasarn


In this exhibition, the artist chooses his new sculpture called “Fight for Freedom” in order to present human beings’ truth in the 21st century which everyone struggles for his personal interest while public interest is neglected. Citizens all are infatuated with liberty of living their lives, well-being, and a want of technological facilities too much. Fights over natural resources have caused the world to have conflicts, hatred, and a struggle for power over other people. “Fight for Freedom” is the three-dimensional sculpture which is developed from the artist’s two-dimensional painting. This work is full of many stories— the sculpture’s form is like a divine being’s sacred shrine for worshippers. The artist’s intention is to define the meaning of the forms by emphasizing the hall of thoughts, the divine being who is going out of the transparent hall and stepping out of a cycle of life, and the black structure supporting the hall. In the front, a golden painting is emphasized in order to convey a message of the senses.


Artwork by: Panya Vijinthanasarn