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Parichart Suphaphan


In the modern society, everything moves fast. Forms of worshipped figures are adapted to time. When a belief of praying for blessings is thought, one of the blessings people most pray for is trading. At that time, the image of Nang Kwak was a woman sitting on the floor with the legs tucked back to one side as a female deity, well-dressed, with one hand beckoning good fortune. However, nowadays, being well-and-sweet-mannered is not a selling point any longer. Her image’s adaptation to time in order to attract people accords with the artist’s style which emphasizes a woman’s beauty according to the idealistic view of people nowadays. Therefore, it is the inspiration for her sculpture called “Nang Kwak 2018”— a plump woman staring intently to gain attention in a sensuous way, and sitting on horseback.


Artwork by: Parichart Suphaphan