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Mr.Preekamol Chiewvanich


on 13 March 1966 In Phranakhon Sri Ayuthaya Province


Arts College, The Fine Arts Department

Bachelor of Art – Painting, Silpakorn University

Master of Art – Painting, Sipakorn University


Lecturer of Painting Subject, Arts College, The Fine Arts Department


2004 – The International Seminar on Conservation and Restoration of Painted Artworks at Bangkok.

2005 – The Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation The University of Melbourne at National Gallery.

1991 – Arts scholarship by Australian Embassy

1998 – Excellent Panasonic Contemporary Painting No. 3

1994 – Second prize – Silver medal of National Arts No. 44 at National Gallery.

 – Championship – Contemporary Art, Thai Farmers’ Bank

 – Special prize – Art brings the best thing to your life – Toshiba, National Gallery.

2003 – Second prize – Krung Thai Bank – National Art No. 49

2005 – Second prize – Amata Art Award 2005

2006 – Silp Peerasri Scholar – Excellent Artist of Thailand Honorary Project


1992 – Art Work Show, funded for art promotion from Australian Embassy, Bangkok Metropolis, at Art Center, Faculty of Fine Arts

 – Contemporary lines drawing at Art Center, Faculty of Fine Arts,Silpakorn University.

1994 – National Arts No. 37 at Nation Gallery

 – Workshop seminar about Paper Art at Art Center, Faculty of Fine Arts,Silpakorn University.

1995 – National Art No. 38 at National Gallery.

1996 – S.O.S. Art Exhibition at City Gallery, Siam City Hotel, Bangkok Metropolis.

1997 – National Art No. 43 at National Gallery.

 – Ratanakosin Art of 9th Reign Exhibition

 – 9th Reign National Art Exhibition at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

 – 50-years Faculty of Fine Arts Exhibition, Silapakorn University.

1998 – “Art for the River” Exhibition (No. 1), The Emporium, Sukhumvit, Bangkok Metropolis. School’s project : Chao Phraya Ship and Miracle Eyes

 – Ayudhya Contemporary Art Project 1998 (No. 1) at History Educational Center.

 – National Art No. 44 at National Gallery.

 – Square Group Exhibition at City Gallery, Bangkok Metropolis.

1999 – Painting Exhibition of Artist and the River in “Long Mae Klong – Thong Mae Nam Phet ” Project (Thai Environmental Foundation)

2000 – Thai Art 2000 at Art Center, Silapakorn University, California Poly Technique University, U.S.A.

 – Thai Art 2000 at Art Center, Silapakorn University, Art Center in Cologne,Germany.

 – “Chao Phraya – the River of the Land” Exhibition at Art Center,Silpakorn University.


2001 – Thai Art 2001 at Art Center, Silapakorn University.

 – Art for Silp Peerasri at Art Center, Silpakorn University 2000

 – Art Project by 24 artists of Scopolamine group No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 at Bangkok Metropolis.

 – Art Exhibition Artist…Portrait 2001 at Art Center, Silpakorn University between 15 September -10 October 2001.

 – “New Millennium Sukhothai 2001” Exhibition at Art Center, National Culture Center of Thailand, Bangkok Metropolis.

 – Art for the River Exhibition (No. 2), School’s project: Chao Phraya Ship and Miracle Eyes.

2002 – Thai Contemporary Art 2001 Project.

 – “Unseen in Fame” art of 4 regions at Ayothaya Contemporary Art Center(TAT)

 – “5 Decades National Art” Exhibition at Art Center, Silpakorn University.

 – “Art Works from Artists for Elephants” Exhibition” (Northern Elephant Conservative Foundation) at Hilton International Bangkok.

 – Image of drama of Thai Art Project 2002.

 – Landscape 2001 Exhibition at Art Center, Silapakorn University.

 – Power and Glory Exhibition at Silom Gallery.

 – Earth and Human Exhibition at Genesis’s Gallery Bangkok

 – Water-color Artist Exhibition at Genesis’s Gallery Bangkok

 – Contemporary Drawing between 15 September – 5 October 2002 at Art Center, Silpakorn University.


2003 – Contemporary Art for 60-years Faculty of Fine Arts.

 – International Print and Drawing Exhibition.

 – National Arts No. 40 at National Gallery.

 – Thai Art No. 5: Art in Box

 – 60-years Silpakorn University Happiness Exhibition.

 – Grand Water-Color of Thailand at The Galleria.

2004 – “Ease & Wild” Exhibition between 10-18 June 2004 at All Seasons Place.Asian-Japan Art Exhibition between 11-17 March at Amarin Hall, Amarin Plaza.

 – “Art Exhibition Luggage Project Art at Airport in Denver Colorado U.S.A. June

2004” Exhibition.

 – Art exhibition of member countries of East Asia and Latin America (Fealac)No. 2 in Philippines, Manila by Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 – Thai Arts No. 3, 2004-2005: New Visions of Thai Phra Bot.

 – National Arts No. 50, at Silpakorn University. 6th Anniversary Birthday Art and Cultural Center.

 – Spirit for Bangpakong River Project, Art for Environment Project “Artists – Arts and Bangpakong River” at Fortune Hotel.

 – Little House in the Big Forest Art Show (Siam Commercial Bank).At Museum Hall.

 – Intangible and Semi-intangible Art Show at Rim Nan Art Center, Nan Province.

 – Ayutthaya Contemporary Art No. 2 at Preekamol Art Gallery.

 – Five Centuries of Art Education – Artist Fair at Silom Gallerier, Bangkok Metropolis.

2005 – Second prize from Amata Art Award 2005

 – Project to promote tourism to raise fund for Ratchaprachanukroah Foundation in case of Tsunami in the south (Krabi), at Imperial Queens’ Park,BangkokMetropolis.

 – “Reviving the Andaman” 100 days memory.

 – Korea – Thai Contemporary Art Exhibition 2005. At Central Department Store,Thailand (16 Thai artists and 147 Korean artists).(To raise fund to support Tsunami victims between 15 February – 15 March 2005)

 – Thai-China Art Project at Art Center of Beijing Library between 27 June – 3 July 2005.

 – The Fortune Art Project I at Art Gallery of Art and Designs, Faculty of Decorative Art, Silpakorn University, between 8-15 March 2005)

 – The Folklores Art By 11 artists at Empire Building, Sathon Road between 26 November – 30 December 2005.

 – Thai Contemporary Art Project No. 6, 2005-2006 Foot-Footprint

2006 – Back to the Hometown Art Project by 19 artists of Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya Province.“Contemporary Art in Ayutthaya 3/2006” at Ayothaya Contemporary Art Center.(TAT, Ayutthaya Building) between 1 January – 28 February 2006.

 – The 12TH International biennial print and drawing exhibition Taiwan museum of art

 – Amata Art Award
1.At East Region Art and Cultural Center, Burapha University, Chonburi between December – January.
2.At National Art Museum, Chaofa Road, Bangkok Metropolis between March – April.

 – Contemporary Art to Community Project at Prekamol Art Studio,Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya District, Ayutthaya Province between 1 January – 30 December 2006.

 – Special invited artist in Water-Color Philter Exhibition at Gallery in Suan Phak Kad Palace, March 2006.

 – Special invited artist in Doi Tung, Chiangrai Scenery Painting Exhibition,at National Gallery, Bangkok Metropolis for the fund of Gen. Prem Tinasoolanon for art students.

 – Contemporary Art 2006 to raise scholar for school foundation between 14-31 July at SCB Park Plaza.

 – Art Thai Project No. 7 “Artists’ Record about H.M. the King” at Art Center,Silapakorn University.

 – Art Works of 24 artists for Hornbill at HOP ART GALLERY.To raise fund to support Wild Animal Conservation Fund “Khao Yai Paintings for Hornbill at Siam Commercial Bank.

 – “Thai Memories” Art Exhibition at Jamjuree Art Center.

2007 – “The Shadow of Fate” Art Exhibition by 5 artists at National Gallery,Chaofa Road, Bangkok Metropolis in February.

 – Excellent Artist of Thailand Honorary Project, the prize of Silp Peerasri No. 5 at Art Center, Silapakorn University in February.

 – The 12th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition Taiwan

 – Art Exhibition Buddhism Thai-China at Art Center, Silapakorn University and China Art Center

 – Art Exhibition History of Rattanakosin at The Queen’s Gallery

2008 – Painting Exhibition to Commemorate the King’s 80th Birthday King Bhumibol Adulyadej at The Queen’s Gallery

 – Reverse art and architecture project tie backs Sipsong Panna-China.

 – Art Exhibiton Inspired by Majesty King at Art Center, Silapakorn University and The Queen’s Gallery

2009 – The 2nd Bangkok Biennale International Print and Drawing Exhibition

 – The International Print and Drawing Exhibition on the Occasion of 60th Anniversary Celebration of Silpakorn University Thailand

 – Silpakorn-Guangzhou Art Exhibition 2009 & Seminar By 50 Thai Artists

 – 50 Chinese  Artist

2010 – The 25th Asian International Art Exhibition (AIAE) at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Mongolia

2012 – The 27th Asian International Art Exhibition at Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 – Solo Exhibition “ 20 Years on Mixed-Media Painting” at National Gallery ,Bangkok, Thailand

 – Art Exhibition “ 60th Anniversary of Vichoke Mukdmanee ” at Art Center,Silapakorn University