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Thongchai Srisukprasert


The creator of contemporary Thai art— both a painter and a sculptor. He has a concept of a path of human beings who are still in Samsara or a cycle of birth and death.Presented through art’s visual elements with surrealistic forms and shapes, the inspiration for the artist’s work called “the Mundane” comes from religious beliefs of Brahmanism, Hinduism, and Buddhism— the faith in tangible nature and intangible divine beings. In these work, the artist focuses on the Buddhism-based meaning of Brahma for being the main theme of communication by employing the figure of Lord Brahma Thai people are familiar with as the language of art in order to convey his thoughts and imaginations. The artist’s painting called “The Five-faced Brahma” belief that Lord Brahma has four faces and once had the fifth face stimulates imagination of anyone who thinks of Lord Brahma’s fifth face because the name only exists without a tangible or visible form. The sculpture of four-faced Brahma with a polished stainless steel surface provides reflections of the outside atmosphere and they then become part of the sculpture as well as increasing imaginative essence of multi-aspect meanings which convey a hidden message. The reflections on the surface— whether they are clear, distorted, or blurred— depend on from which angle we look at.


Artwork by: Thongchai Srisukprasert