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Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn


Most of the artist’s works are prints as well as printings. Stories or issues before him are used as his inspiration. The composition, colors, and symbols appeared in his works all reflect events the artist is interested in at that moment. The work called “Window of Curiosity” leads us to reconsider what happens in our lives and conditions to force us to do or not to do something. It began with a documentary which made him notice the differences happened to human beings and animals and also made him look back to think about a cycle of life or Samsara, religious beliefs that doers of good deeds will be reborn in a good plane of existence and being reborn in different planes of existence depends on the deeds the doers did in the past life. His work is divided into three connecting parts like hinges. The middle hinge conveys the birth of religions on earth filled with happiness and suffering. The right hinge is about the relationship between the religions and people when the religions begin to have an influence on people’s lives. They begin to worship and pray for blessings, and have faith to have worshipped offerings. The left hinge is when having more faith than the religion’s essence. Sacred objects begin to have more importance than the teachings. A question is then posed, “What do we worship nowadays?” When the stories from the three hinges are joined together, the joined story is that at the early stages.

Artwork by: Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn