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Vichai Noonpun

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Vichai Noonpun

Date of Birth

15th March 1968


College of Art B.F.A. Painting the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Art Silapakorn University

Art Showing

1985 – The college of Art Exhibition of Ceramic

1989 – The Artstically Faculty Exhibition of painting

 – The 6th Contemporary Painting for June artistic

1990 – The 2nd Exhibition of paintings name “Take The Best to The Life”

1991 – The Thai Farmer Bank Exhibition of Contemporary Paintings

 – The 15th Bualuang Exhibition of Painting

1992 – The 16th Bualuang Exhibition of Painting

1993 – The 17th Bualuang Exhibition of Painting

 – The Exhibition of Traditional Paintings for Sixty Year of Nakornthon Bank The Great Prizes

1985 – The Second Prize “The College of Art Exhibition of Ceramic”

1991 – The Second Prize “The 15th Bualuang Exhibition of Paintings”

1992 – The First Prize “The 16th Bualuang Exhibition of Paintings”

 – The Second Prize “The 16th Bualuang Exhibition of Paintings”

1993 – The Second Prize “The 17th Bualuang Exhibiton of Paintings”