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Waraut Tourawong


The work called “Images of the Buddha on Canvas” makes us look back and ask ourselves inside a question of what beliefs and a religion are— what stays around us from the womb to tomb, what we firmly believe and follow? The essence of the religion is simplicity— the middle path or the moderate practice. The artist began with considering the simplicity and identities in his works and leaving his familiarity to experiments in order to look back to answer a question of his own beliefs. The texture of this work is different from every work he used to create. The simplicity is a key question. For the painting, he chose basic painting materials like gesso— a primer prepared for the surface of the painting— as his main material for the work’s creation like a reversal of all processes back to the beginning. Since this work’s process was newly designed, there were mistakes and changes. This time was considered learning and basic practice for his works of art again. For every brush he used and every rubbing mark for the even surface, he had to do step by step and there was not a shortcut.


Artwork by: Waraut Tourawong