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Self Respect

Self Respect

Technique :  Bronze

Size :  95×120×90 cm.

Year : 2008

Priva Raiva conveys the dream and the spirit of the forest into the form of sculptures. Using wild animals figure and their appearance, Raiva inspired by his own youthful experience in Northern forests with the Tribe people and absorbed the concept of nature from them. With their wisdom, his perspective of analysing the problems, seeing the world, spending his life has changed to be less complicated. When the time he chooses to come back to live in the city, he uses the wisdom he learnt to adjust his living. He tries to understand the value of life, and finally, he transmits those message as a work of art.

This artwork presented Raiva’ s pure instinct when he wanted to come back to live in the city again after spend time goes back and forth in the forest for nearly 20 years. Raiva intends to be around in this world without getting pain and live with the will to understanding, and he reminds himself not to fascinate with the surrounding until he forgets to rappreciate for what nature gives us. He learns to respect himself and always honour others.