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Milky Way

Technique :  Acrylic on Canvas

Size :  200×250 cm.

Year : 2007

He summerizes and interprets the story of kingdom of stars and the name the Milky way galaxy. In Thai meaning is the path of the white elephant onto an elephant figure. Inside the elephant figure.There is also the story of sixteen levels of heaven. Some angles are designed to be flat and elegant while some are designed to be delicated and curvy to parallel with the line of elephant figure, The first level of heaven which is closest to the human realm is called Chatummaharajika where the four heavenly kings reside. In the painting the four heavenly kings appear on the elephants legs together with Indra, Rahu and other angles in Rupabrahma heaven. Angles in Arupabrahma heaven are small dots floating inside the elephant’s body.

Outside the elephant figure are free floating circles representing numerous Buddhist spirits that cannot be seen with the neked eyes and the Chinese animal zodiac. Only one god floating outside the elephant is “Ganesha” the god of art, wisdom and sucess.