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Buddha’s Enlightenment 2011

Buddha’s Enlightenment 2011

Technique :  Acrylic on Canvas

Size :  200×300 cm.

Year : 2011

The work’s concept comes from the Buddhist history. After Prince Siddhartha (later Lord Buddha lived a life as an ascetic. He learned various fields of knowledge, practiced self-mortification, and searched for many ways out of suffering. Finally, he could triumph over Mara and attained the enlightenment.

‘The triumph over Mara’ is like the triumph over knowledge or self-awareness. Artistically, the artist cleverly inserted a body of the world’s artistic knowledge in this work such as Michelangelo’s sculpture, Thai traditional paintings, and common animals seen in paintings— all to present the thorough knowledge through the wide world of art.

Ultramarine was only used in this work because this color can express maximum brightness and maximum darkness at the same time. Like a drawing, different shades can be seen in this work and convey a peaceful state. Five rays in the work represent five precepts which ordinary people can adhere to and practice in ordre to follow the dharmic path of Lord Buddha.