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Technique :  Acrilic on Canvas

Size :  200×250 cm.

Year : 2009

Weerasak Sadsadee was influenced and inspired by the simplicity of culture and way of life in Northern Thailand; Lanna, which is unique from the combination of Buddhist activities and beliefs in respect of spirits and is different from other ethnic groups. Sadsadee used Lanna female figure in the rural environment as a symbol, Lanna female has a unique dress pattern and characteristics that are different from other peoples in the folk environment as a medium of expression.

Sadsadee portrays his childhood memories and the essences of rural Lanna by brings realistic shapes from his study of the characteristics of things such as the anatomy of women, wrinkles of clothing, everyday uses items and architectural and applied to create composition and elements in his painting accord to his feelings. The remains of the buffalo that were spread under the paws of a beautiful woman, dressed in a simple native Northern sarong pattern. Background of the painting giving a single weight colour tone similar to the temple wall in the countryside, but create dimensions by using dark to light colours. Sasadee presents the idea that spiritual still matters to our society, no matter how significant technological and technological progress is. Even some cultures have reduced the beliefs about the spirits and turn them into horror and mystery stories. The ghost spirit originates from Ancestor worship and remains with humanity since ancient times. The soul, even though it is an invisible matter, intangible and cannot use scientific principles to prove, but this subject of feelings still exist and are deeply rooted into the traditional culture that is still in progress in today’s context.