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Different Way

Different Way

Technique :  Tempera on Paper

Size :  262×217 cm.

Year : 1980

The artist wanted to reflect the disunity of people in the society from the historic popular uprising on October 14th, 1973.  It was the day of the calamity resulting from the political conflict. The work reflects that when all parties ignore Lord Buddha’s teachings and forget the religion as their spiritual anchor, the society is in chaos. Bias and hatred lead to rifts and disharmony until they forget that Thailand is fundamentally the Buddist country with beautiful culture and a peaceful way of life.

Animals’ shapes in the work are surrealistic like the true nature of disunited people. They charge around in different ways and chaotically tangle. Only butterflies with delicate wings can fly freely. The work also leads the audience’s eyesight to the outermost serene sea and this makes them feel happy.