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Land Divided

Land Divided

Technique :  Oil on Canvas

Size :  100×110 cm.

Year : 1982

“The world as it once was has been destroyed at the hands of humankind.Eager for gain and grasping beyond all measure are those who despoil nature without for a moment reflecting on the great harm they are doing. They have no concern at all that this ever-accelerating destruction of nature proceeding apace will utterly destroy the world as it once was. To evade this horror, I enter into a waking dream in which I dwell in a veritable kingdom of my own. It is in this purest of imagined kingdoms that I can dwell peacefully and contentedly, for it is only here that I can be isolated to the degree that I can evade the greed and selfishness of humankind. And so it is in this imaginary kingdom that I can happily find myself in the midst of unspoiled forests, crystal lakes, and verdant fauna, while surrounded by animals; and I eat only natural foods.”