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Large Alphabet No.2

Large Alphabet No.2

Technique :  Oil on Canvas

Size :  115×320 cm.

Year : 2012

This work reflects the artist’s unique style— ‘the conflict between polar opposites’— such as shapes and space, light and shadow, regulations and freedom, being old and being new, and stillness and movement.

When vertical lines, horizontal lines, and oblique lines are repeatedly arranged and orderly paralleled, they become ‘a pattern of parallel lines’. When this pattern is scaled up, it becomes ‘a pattern of parallel strips’. It is simple and universal because orderly repeated arrangements are the law of the universe. Also, repeated praying with perseverance is a path to the state of calmness as ‘meditation’ of the mind. Therefore, repeated arrangements with dots and lines can be a path to go into an inner boundary of the mind as well.