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Logiyadhamma 2012

Logiyadhamma 2012

Technique :  Acrylic on Canvas

Size :  283×283 cm.

Year : 2012

From a religious view, lokiyadhamma or the mundane state is an endless cycle of karma— good deeds, bad deeds, or neither-good-nor-bad deeds. It is  a never-ending cycle of birth and death which human beings are in and tend to commit deeds one way or another.

This work reflects the politics’s unavoidable impact on the society’s ways of life. As a miserable cycle, politics shows cycle-bound struggles  by using a square with a circle inside as a main structure, while all living creatures—in vertical, horizontal, or gravitational directions—  express the motionless state. In details, shapes are modified and transformed into human bodies mixed with animals’ ones as to a satire on an electional campaign’s picture in order to convey meaning according to a personal attitude.