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Technique :  Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas

Size :  125×175 cm.

Year : 2008

This work’s concept and inspiration came from impression of the faith in Buddhism. One important event in the Buddhist history was depicted— when Prince Siddhartha (later Lord Buddha) decided to live a life of an ascetic. It was an onerous decision because he had to renounce all worldly pleasures and happiness he possessed in order to search for happiness and peacefulness of the mind.

The work’s composition conveys the Buddhist history respectively— from leaving the palace with his charioteer named Channa and his horse called Kanthaka to his tonsure by Anoma river. This incident waked up the king of nagas named Mucalinda from the underwater world. The artist expressed the story in the new form— a sculputure overlapping a painting— which was difficult and challenging. The artist’s existing ego was broken off like the difficulty when Lord Buddha decided to live a life of an ascetic for a peaceful path.