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Technique :  Bronze

Size :  70×82×45 cm.

Year : 2012

Inspired by mural paintings of Wat Suthat, an orahan has a human’s or a demon’s head. The part below its head and chest has both wings and hands, and legs with talons. The overall picture is a bird which its shape stimulates the imagination to fly. It makes the mind drift over the reality. Originally, orahans are creatures ideally living in Himavant abovr the human realm.

This work represents the idealism over the realism in an era which imaginations can become real by connecting beliefs with human behavior in today’s society such as clairvoyance and clairaudience  are like making a call via Facetime. Moreover, this work also presents fantasies and acquisitiveness. It reflects people nowadays who get dressed up and have cosmetic surgery according to satisfaction and popularity. Their desire for sexual beauty is beyond what nature provides. This work is a sculptured creation connected with the fusion of shapes and the Thai idealistic approach.