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Three Troves

Three Troves

Technique :  Bronze

Size :  65×65×25 cm.

Year : 2012

A word ‘trove’ has a literal meaning as ‘a pit’ as well as a belief-related meaning as ‘inherent perceptions which stay with you in every life you are reincarnated. When one were reborn as a human being, he/she must be intelligent and diligent for such learning because of possessed troves.

‘Three troves’ are an abstract term— the first strove is secure consciousness, the second one is handed-down knowledge, and the third one is expertise and diligence. The two first stroves are on the way we are, while the last strove is the way we head to.

As part in the Lokiyadhamma series, this work presents standing on one’s feet for a higher position, with one’s strong and robust torso, arms, and legs— a combination of various animals— in order to create the beauty of conflicts and focus on giving a meaning according to individual imagination.