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Visitor Policies


Please dress properly.

All visitors must check in all items larger than 20 x 30 x 10 cm. (W x H x D) at the entrance. (bags, backpacks and camera cases included)

Please do not touch the works of art.

Food & Drinks are not allowed in all areas except in Café on G floor

Smoking is not permitted in the building. Smoking area is in the garden terrace only

No access to any area of the MOCA other than areas designated for access by Visitors.

Offensive weapons are prohibited.

Running, shouting, skating and generally disruptive behavior are not allowed.

Strollers are permitted in most areas but are not permitted on escalators. Please make sure that belt is properly fastened and please use the break when not in motion.

Ballpoint pens, ink, markers, fountain pens, or watercolors are not allowed at any time. Permitted only on Museum tours that specifically authorize their use.

Sketching is permitted in the galleries (pencil only, no ink or paint) with sketchbooks no larger than 21 x 29.7 cm. No easels, stools, or sketching while sitting on the floor is permitted. If museum are crowded, guards may ask visitors to stop sketching or writing.



Visitors must keep their personal belongings with them at all times and MOCA accepts no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to any personal belongings brought into the museum.

External Media, Filming, and Photography Polices

Personal Photography

Visitors are encouraged to capture their experience at the Museum, so still, photography is permitted.Photographs cannot be published, sold, reproduced. The use of flash, Selfie stick, Tripods, and Unmanned Aircraft (drone) is prohibited at all times and in all exhibitions. For press and other special photography, including film and videotape projects, please contact us: (+66) 2 016-5666 – 7 or


Student Photography, Commercial or Film Projects

Projects involving photography or film/video in the museum are allowed with ADVANCE prior approval—AT LEAST two week beforehand—from Museum staff. Before a project is approved, a Letter of Recommendation from lecturer, school or university must be completed and the proper signatures acquired. This form must be submitted AT LEAST two week prior to the start of the project.

Museum staff members will meet or communicate with the requestor to discuss the project. The potential danger to works of art or people, scheduling conflicts, other events and workload that day, availability of staff to supervise the shoot, benefit to MOCA BANGKOK, additional security costs, previous contact with the applicant, and any special circumstances will all be taken under consideration.

If approved, an appropriate fee will be determined based on the number of hours, the time during the day, special effort in moving works, and other considerations. Approval or rejection of the project will be communicated to the requestor. If approved, the determined fee will also be communicated at this time and must be pre-paid.

Please email with any questions regarding permissions for student projects, wedding photography, and commercial photography/video projects.



Presses are permitted to photograph and film exhibitions with prior permission from the MOCA BANGKOK. The press member must identify themselves by showing identification and signing in with the Museum’s staff and wear a provided PRESS badge. Equipment bags are subject to search. Press members are allowed during opening receptions and special events. Flashes are allowed for general gallery photos by press members only (not for close-ups of individual objects).